Last Petrol Station before Netherlands

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The price level of petrol, fuel, and gasoline in the Netherlands is very high. If you are driving from Germany, this is interesting for you.

Last Service Area and Gas Station before the Netherlands

Via the motorway "Hollandline" (Federal Motorway A3 via Arnherm or Federal Motorway A4 via Aachen in direction to Maastricht) you are driving from Germany to the Netherlands. A beautiful country with a beautiful landscape, but an expensive country if you need to buy fuel, gas or petrol. Of course, if you drive a long distance across the Netherlands, you have no choice but to use a gas station in the Netherlands. But you can try to save some money by stopping at a gas station in Germany.

Last Gas Station or Motorway Area before the Netherlands


Coming from Germany, the motorway areas with the gas station are listed here. The two motorways are both called "Hollandline" because they connect Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Federal Motorway A3 / BAB3 : Motorway Area and Gas Station »Hünxe Ost«
    Additional Info: The motorway area is about 53 kilometers in front of the border to the Netherlands. It is, as a matter of fact, your last option with a gas station at the motorway from Germany to the Netherlands.
  • Federal Motorway A4 / BAB4: Motorway Area and Gas Station »Aachener Land Nord«
    Additional Info: The motorway area is about 14 kilometers in front of the Dutch border. On this motorway, you are able to go nearly with a full tank of gas or fuel to get to the Netherlands.

Save even more money?

Short before reaching the dutch border and crossing to the Netherlands, you can leave the motorway to find a gas station around the motorway in the rural areas. In comparison to the motorway areas the prices are even better at those gas stations, of course. This is because running a gas station at a motorway area is much more expensive for the company than a gas station in the rural area. But therefore you have to accept a detour of a few kilometers.

Next to the Motorway A3 / BAB3

The last exit in front of the Dutch border before going to the Netherlands on this motorway in Germany is "Elten". There you go to the south-west direction alongside the dutch border. Very close to this exit on the motorway A3 in Germany are 2 gas stations. One is on the north-east side of the motorway exit, the other is on the south-west side of the motorway exit.

  • Beeker Street in direction north-east (Towards the dutch border)
    • Gas Station / Petrol Station "Star Tankstelle Frank Bosse"
      Beeker Straße 250, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein, Telephone: +49 2828 1277​
  • Beeker Street in direction south-west (cross motorway A3 under the bridge)
    • Gas Station / Petrol Station "ARAL - Gebrüder Derksen"
      Kattegatweg 1, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein, Telefon: +49 2828 903520​

Both gas stations are very close to the exit of the motorway A3 in Germany. The distance is less than one kilometer. So you do not lose much time here on the detour.

Next to the Motorway A4 / BAB4

About 4 kilometers in front of the Dutch border in Germany you can exit from the motorway at "Aachen-Laurensberg". There are gas stations in rural area. These places offer gas and petrol cheaper than the ones on the motorway areas. If you leave the motorway A4 in Germany here while driving towards the dutch border to get to the Netherlands, you can drive to the south-west or to the north-east. If you drive to the south-west you are going towards the village of Laurensberg, if you go north-east you are driving towards the village of Richterich.

  • Kohlscheider Street direction south-west (cross motorway A4 under the bridge) towards Laurensberg
    • TOTAL Gas Station / Petrol Station
      Roermonder Str. 315, 52072 Aachen, Telephone: +49 241 12773
  • Kohlscheider Street direction north-east and then turn westbound
    • »STAR« Gas Station »Oliver Hirsch«
      Roermonder Str. 504, 52072 Aachen, Telephone: +49 241 9319546

The gas station towards the south-west is about 3 kilometers away from the motorway exit, the other one is also about 3 kilometers direction north-east. So you have a detour of about 6 kilometers for your break and refill of gasoline.